Franchise Process

How does it start?

Potential Franchise Partners will often be introduced to Majestic through an advertisement or a Business Broker.

If you are interested in joining us we believe the best thing to do is visit existing stores and browse our social media to get a feel for, and a good understanding of what Majestic is all about.

Once you believe Majestic could be the right business for you, then we would love to hear from you.

The following steps take you through the process from where you intially look at joining Majestic right through to signing with us and joining the family.

Step 1

You will contact us, at which point you will complete a confidentiality agreement which will allow us to share with you more comprehensive information about our business and / or potential locations available to franchise.

Step 2

We will have an initial open and honest discussion with you to understand if you have the financial means to open a Majestic store. Once both parties are comfortable you are able to proceed then we will have an introductory meeting, so you are able to meet the team and talk over any questions or queries you may have. Franchising is about partnership, honesty, trust and transparency and we believe it is at this step where you will make the ultimate decision about whether Majestic is right for you. It is also at this meeting that a particular site will be identified of where you wish to open and discussions about this location will also be had with you.

Step 3

Once a site has been identified and you feel confident Majestic suits you and your family, we will issue you with an application form which will allow us to get to know you in more detail. This application will allow us to establish your expertise and experience and to understand your background. During this step, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Statement and a draft Franchise Agreement. It is at this step that we will both get to know each other in more detail and what both parties’ obligations will be to each other should you join. This is also the perfect opportunity to talk to other Franchise Partners in the group who will give you further insight to the business and ourselves.

Step 4

By this stage you will be making a more solidified commitment to Majestic, you will be issued with a Formal Franchise Agreement and will have your stores lease documentation ready to be executed subject to confirming you have secured the relevant finance and / or demonstrated to us you have secured funding ready to proceed with your very own Majestic store.

Step 5

You will by now have obtained all relevant legal, business and accounting advice required to make an informed decision about joining Majestic and you will be satisfied that joining Majestic is the right move for you. It is at this point that we will finalise your application and prepare you for your exciting new journey with us. You will sign your lease documentation and your Franchise Agreement after which you will be set to officially join the Majestic Franchise Group, becoming another valued member of the Majestic family.


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