About Majestic

Majestic is an independent national café brand with 15 stores across New Zealand each adding their own flair to the menu.

Originally founded with a focus on loose leaf teas, we have now matured to incorporate a full food and beverage menu offering.

Whether you are on the go and want a quick fix, are looking for something more to eat on the menu or you are after an evening drink, Majestic offers a variety of options that will accommodate your needs.

We operate three store model, our Pavilions which are our quick stop beverage focused outlets, our Cafes which offer kitchen menus and our Licensed Eateries which offer a much more comprehensive range of foods and beverages.

We are a New Zealand founded, owned, and operated business that places a great emphasis on looking at new ways to refine and enhance the way we do business to offer our customers the latest culinary trends and while ensuring everyone enjoys what makes Majestic unique.

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