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- Pavilion

Our pavilion stores offer our signature drinks menu together with a variety of cabinet food and a very light kitchen menu. These smaller format stores or kiosks don't have a full kitchen thus eliminating the need for a full kitchen team. This is a more simple and easy to run operation designed for high volume traffic areas. This model can also be beneficial for those who want a more basic offering and want to ease themselves into hospitality.

- Cafe (Licensed or Unlicensed)

Our cafe stores offer our signature drinks menu together with cabinet food and a full kitchen menu prepared by our chefs. Our cafe stores like any cafe offer a menu that spands from breakfast, brunch, lunch and into an afternoon tea offering. Your cafe may operate inside a mall set upon mall hours or it may operate to suit a local community area. The cafe model is suited for those that want the full offering of a day cafe giving them the opportunity to exploit every opportunity possible.

- All Day Licensed Eatery

Our licensed eateries are our most comprehensive offer with the signature drinks menu together with a licensed drinks menu, a full kitchen menu and a cabinet food offering, a high tea offering and lastly the potential for evening trade that includes tapas and cocktails and evening meals. This concept is best suited for all day trading and will offer a wide range of F&B aspects from morning right through until night. This model is for those who want all the trimmings of a food and beverage offer and are perfect for those that have existing hospitality experience and now want to spread their wings in a more far reaching way.


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