Majestic Tea Bar - Espresso & Chocolate 
Is a stylish and sophisticated cafe concept breathing new life into a classic range of drinks. Offering consumers a wide variety of teas selected from around the world both hot and iced, we strive to deliver an experience that will take you back to an age where tea wasn't just consumed but was lived.

Majestic Tea Bar was conceived in response to the ongoing evolution of tea which is consuming the globe and reaffirming its place as the second most consumed drink on the planet, second to water.

Majestic Tea Bar has been developed and refined in New Zealand combining our cultural heritage of colonial times with the height of the Victorian period of which we have crafted and associated our store with. We aim to bring back the tea culture by reintroducing generations to the period of our grandparents and great grandparents when Tea Rooms dominated the daytime scene.

Complementing our extensive tea menu is also our Majestic Chocolate range offering a collection of chocolate drinks both hot and cold together with decadent chocolate pieces and other divine treats.

Boutique Coffee is also available, servicing the needs of those requiring their ritual coffee fix with soft drinks, juices and other iced drinks also available to provide consumers with a complete beverage bar offering.

A selection of snacks is also available both sweet and savory to satisfy those looking to fill the gap at breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our first Majestic Tea Bar opened in the new NorthWest Shopping Centre located at Westgate, Auckland in late 2015. Customers have enjoyed the opportunity to experience a range of teas unlike any other cafe. Our coffee served up by Altura has been warmly received along with our additional beverage delights.

Majestic Tea Bar is now looking forward to bringing its Tea cafe to the rest of New Zealand and as long as our customers continue to embrace our offer, Majestic will continue to listen to feedback, work to develop itself further and refine itself to ensure it leads the way from now and into the future in all kinds of ways.